About Neku

Neku Sakuraba ( , Sakuraba Neku) Neku is a detached, introspective, apathetic and rather dictatorial fifteen-year-old boy who is forced to play the Game. At first glance, Neku is antisocial to the degree of wishing to be the only person in the world. He not only distrusts other people, but actively chooses to avoid getting involved with them on any level. Initially, he even enjoys the isolation the game offers him. His hobbies include listening to music and creating stylized graffiti. His unwanted nickname, given to him by a very frustrated Beat, is "Phones" because of his ever-present isolating earphones. Through the course of the game, he learns the value of connecting with other people. He goes from trying to escape from his partner Shiki, to the point where he promises to meet her someday at Hachiko in the real world. In the first week, his entry fee (the most valuable thing to the player must be taken as payment) is his own memory, as he finds his own world to be the most important. However, in the second week, his entry fee is Shiki. In the third game, this expands even further, as his entry fee is every other player in the game. Neku's initial self-centered nature causes much friction with his allies during the beginning of his time in the Reaper's Game, but after spending time with Shiki, Joshua, Beat, and Rhyme, as well as reflecting on the advice he received from Mr. Hanekoma, Neku learns to open up and trust others. The title of the game, "The World Ends With You", is a quote from Mr. Hanekoma to Neku: he explains that Neku can control the size and nature of his own world. In Another Day, the alternate Neku's attitude is shown to be more confident, level-headed, and more willing to enjoy life. He is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama in the Japanese version and Jesse David Corti in the English version.

About Shiki

Shiki Misaki ( lG, Misaki Shiki)

Shiki is a stylish fifteen year old girl who makes a pact with Neku at the first game's start. She is outspoken, bubbly, and can easily befriend others. She has an avid interest in the latest fashions on the streets of Shibuya, and dreams of becoming a fashion designer. It seems that Shiki eventually takes a romantic interest in Neku; she promises to wait for him everyday at the Hachiko statue when she learns that only she will return to life after the first game. Shiki keeps a photo of her best friend, Eri, and herself on her cellphone, looking at it in times of stress or happiness. Later, it is revealed that her entry fee for the game is her own appearance. In the Underground, she takes the form of Eri--that of a shapely, chic socialite--and is actually the plain girl in the photo. When she was alive, she was jealous of Eri's social prowess and flashy style, but the game master of the first week explains that Shiki still valued her own identity more. Thus, Shiki took on Eri's appearance, and to some extent, Eri's personality, as she admits to Neku that she had also been trying to imitate her best friend's optimism. Neku helps her realize that she should be happy to be herself, and she's fortunate to be envious since that gives her something to strive for. In Another Day, Shiki's physical appearance isn't consistent with her real appearance, as she appears as Eri; Another Day's version of Joshua may be offering an explanation when he tells Neku that everything in Shibuya appears as Neku expects it to be, rather than the way it truly is--although this comment is given without referring to Shiki by name, merely mentioning "her" appearance. In Another Day, she is a part of The Prince's fan club, and has an ongoing rivalry with Uzuki. She is voiced by Anna Hachimine in the Japanese version and Heather Hogan in the English version.

Neku & Shiki

Shiki is the first Neku's partner. She teach him what are the trust and friendship's meaning. Before he meet her during him amnesi moment he change totally him way to be and Shiki become the most important thing he have and him ticket to play again the Reapers game a second time. He desire only to save Shiki and turn back in life.

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